Sidestone Library Program

By subscribing to our Academic Library program, member libraries receive full access to all Sidestone e-books. All library members (staff, students, alumni) can freely download all our PDF e-books. In addition, all users receive a 25% discount on our printed books.

The annual fee for an Academic Library is €960,- (excl. VAT). We also offer our Library Program to smaller research institutes and commercial companies, please contact us to learn more about these rates.

For more information or to subscribe to our Library Program you can use the form below or mail us directly at:

What do Library Program members get?

  • Members can freely download all our PDF e-books. At present (summer 2019) our e-library contains ca. 400 titles and 40-60 new books are published every year. Newly published books are included in our e-library without delay, and as a member, you have instant access to new books as they are published.*
  • Access to our Library Program is based on IP address. This means all computers and devices connected to the Member’s network automatically have full access. If your organization requires a different manner to connect to our server, feel free to contact us. Depending on technical requirements set-up costs may apply.
  • Members are free to include PDF’s to their own e-book collection for permanent access.
  • In addition to unlimited access to our e-books, Members and their users receive 25% discount on all Sidestone printed titles.** This means both the Library itself, as well as all staff, students and alumni that have access to the library are able to purchase printed copies 25% off the normal list price.
  • Information on new titles will be provided to members via e-mail updates. We are working on making database files available for integration into Library systems. Please let us know your preferences and we’ll do our best to facilitate you to the best of our abilities. Title information for Sidestone books is included in a Worldcat global collection (Collection name: Sidestone Press Books | Collection ID: sidestone.ebooks).
  • Simple static links can be incorporated in your Library system, also if you don’t subscribe we offer free online reading to everyone! Link to (replace ISBN for the ISBN of the book you wish to link to)

Additional reasons why to join our Library Program

Sidestone Press aims to maximize the exposure of academic content. Our “bookstore” is effectively an e-library since we offer worldwide free online access to our publications. By offering access to our books for free, more people than ever have access to our publications. First of all, this is beneficial to our authors as it greatly increases the exposure of their work, and in effect, the impact of their research. Second, of course, it enables our readers – scholars and students around the world – to access our publications at any time and in any place, including those parts of the world where access to good quality academic libraries is not guaranteed.

Our authors retain full copyright of their work and we fully support Open Access. Sidestone authors are therefore free to upload their PDFs of their books or articles to various repositories, make them freely available to students or send them to colleagues.

It will come as no surprise that this publication strategy is not aimed at maximizing financial profit. Hence by becoming a member of our Library Program you support Sidestone and our way of publishing. By becoming a member you help us to continue to provide free access to our books to scholars and students worldwide.

Send us a message to apply for a subscription or request more information.


*Our policy is to include all Sidestone books in our e-library unless this is not allowed due to third party copyright issues. This however, only rarely happens.

**This excludes titles in Dutch language during the first year of publication. This unfortunately is due to a Dutch Law prohibiting discount on newly published books.

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