A new generation of academic publishing

Sidestone Press is an academic publishing house founded by scholars, for scholars. As a publisher, we have one clear ambition: to make scientific information available to all.

We firmly believe that such information should be available to everyone and never placed behind a paywall (see also our Open Access policy). The printing and selling of books, therefore, is but one part of what we believe a good publisher should do.

Sidestone books are published both as hard copy printed books and as e-books that can be found in (digital) libraries and bookstores around the world. Our books can also be accessed freely on our website, which means that everyone can access scientific research published through us, including readers from parts of the world where access to good quality academic libraries is not guaranteed. This benefits our authors greatly as it increases the exposure of their work and the impact of their research.
We furthermore pride ourselves on continuously innovating our production process so that we can offer good-looking, richly illustrated books at affordable prices, and strive to keep the turn-around time from submission-to-publication as short as possible, and our prices as low as possible – both for the author and the person purchasing our books.

If publishing directly with us, or in of our series, appeals to you, please have a look at our production process or apply for publication.

5 Steps to a published book

Our production process generally follows 5 steps. After applying for publication via our online form, we will contact you to discuss the details of your book, incl. the format of your book, through which Sidestone imprint you want to publish, and which of our Open Access options/models you wish to use. Based on this information we will give you a quote for publication costs and agree on a submission and publication date.

We will also provide you with a manual describing our production process in further detail. This manual is also full of detailed instructions on how to best prepare your manuscript for submission and how to provide feedback on your PDF and hard copy proof. We ask all (prospective) authors to give this manual a thorough read as it includes information that should save you time and prevent unnecessary extra costs.

Upon submission of your manuscript and illustrations, we will check that these are ready for publication. Once they are approved, we will move on to designing the layout of your books. You will first receive a PDF to correct, followed by a hard copy proof in the form of a printed book to check. Once you are happy, we will move on to publishing and make your book available worldwide!

Sidestone books are promoted in a variety of ways and can be purchased in bookshops around the world, both as printed books and as e-books. A wide variety of tools are employed to help promote our books, including the distribution of catalogues, sending out of review copies to professional journals and promotions via social media.

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