Sidestone Imprints & Peer-review

Sidestone books are published under one one of three different Imprints, known as Sidestone Press Academics, Sidestone Press Dissertations and Sidestone Press.

Sidestone Press Academics
Academics is the imprint reserved for our peer-reviewed publications. The peer-review procedure is either organized by Sidestone Press or the series Editor and is anonymous, unless the reviewer chooses to make his/her identity known. In order for a manuscript to be accepted for this imprint at least two well-respected, international scholars must review the manuscript. By filling out our peer-review form, the reviewers advise Sidestone Press on a number of aspects:

  • Academic quality of the research and analysis
  • Originality of research and argument
  • Language, style and composition
  • Overall recommendation

As appreciation of their efforts all reviewers receive two Sidestone books of their choice, irrespective of their recommendation. If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the reviewers will also receive a complementary copy of the published book.

Sidestone Press Dissertations
Dissertations applies to all PhD-theses that are published by Sidestone Press. These publications have been reviewed by a thesis committee consisting of doctors in a relevant field of study. As such, we consider a PhD thesis to be peer-reviewed. Because the review procedure was not organized by the publisher, a separate imprint is used for these publications.

In principle all accepted PhD theses qualify for publication by Sidestone Press. Whether or not a thesis is actually accepted for publication depends on an evaluation of the above mentioned aspects by Sidestone. Usually only theses containing original (not previously published) content are accepted.

Sidestone Press
The imprint Sidestone Press relates to all none-peer-reviewed publications published by Sidestone Press. These include various academic monographs, conference proceedings, popular scientific books and facsimile’s of out-of-print books. This imprint is also used for all books published prior to 2012.

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