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By scholars, for scholars

At Sidestone we believe in Open Science and in authors retaining full copyright of their work. Our full-colour printed books can be found in libraries and (online) bookstores around the world, and our Open Access e-books can be freely accessed online through various channels. We work with our clients to create the best-looking books possible, as quickly as possible, for the best price possible – both for the authors and those purchasing the book.

The future needs trees

Climate change is real and we all need to act now. A simple way to capture carbon from the atmosphere is by planting trees. Therefore Sidestone has partnered with to plant a tree for each order we receive via our webshop containing a paperback or hardback book. Also, for each author’s copy we ship we will plant a tree. So, whenever we ship paper, we will plant trees. Learn more about Sidestone Forestry.

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