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Sidestone Library Program

Sidestone launches a new Library Program that provides members of academic libraries with unlimited access to our e-books. By subscribing to our Academic Library program, member libraries receive full access to all Sidestone e-books. All library members (staff, students, alumni) can freely download PDF files of our e-books. In addition, all users receive 25% discount on our printed books.

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Water & Heritage presented to minister Schultz

Our newest book “Water & Heritage” was presented at the 7th World Water Forum in Korea to the Dutch minister Schultz of Infrastructure & the Environment.

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Sidestone Book presented to H.M. Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

The royal estate near Apeldoorn (Veluwe) is scattered with prehistoric barrows. In recent years a team of Leiden archaeologists led by dr. David Fontijn investigated some of these during two excavation campaigns. The results of the first of these campaigns, focussing on two barrows near ‘The Echoput’ were presented to H.M. Queen Beatrix.

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