Dr. Jan Albert Bakker

Dr. Jan Albert Bakker (1935), is a former senior lecturer in Prehistoric Archaeology of Northwestern Europe at the University of Amsterdam, at the former Institute for Prae- and Protohistory (IPP), which is now part of the Amsterdam Archaeological Centre (AAC).

Bakker is one of the leading (international) authorities in the field of Neolithic archaeology with a special focus on the Funnelbeaker Culture or TRB. In particular the hunebeds, or megalithic tombs, have been one of his main focus points. Although Bakker is now retired he still regularly publishes books and papers on the subject.

Books by Jan Albert Bakker

Megalithic Research in the Netherlands, 1547-1911

From ‘Giant’s Beds’ and ‘Pillars of Hercules’ to accurate investigations

Jan Albert Bakker | 2010

The impressive megalithic tombs in the northeastern Netherlands are called ‘hunebedden’, meaning ‘Giants’ graves’. These enigmatic Neolithic structures date to around 3000 BC and were built by the Funnelbeaker, or TRB, people. The current interpretation…

The TRB West Group

Studies in the Chronology and Geography of the Makers of Hunebeds and Tiefstich Pottery

Jan Albert Bakker | 2009

In 1979 the by now classic work on the pottery of the TRB West group of Jan Albert Bakker was published. In his book Bakker deals with the research history and typochronology of the TRB…

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