Ir. Henk P.J. van Schaik

Over 40 years Henk van Schaik has built up professional experience in water covering the areas of water supply, waste water collection and treatment, water resources management, water and climate, water and heritage, water diplomacy, water and transparency. Mr van Schaik has worked in leadership positions, as Director, Coordinator, Manager, and in advisory capacities. He worked on policy development, project design, planning, implementation, research and evaluations as well as training. He has worked in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East as Team Leader, Coordinator including longer stays in Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and many short time missions in Colombia, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan and has worked in Yemen, China, Turkey, Mexico, Syria, Cameroon, Ghana, Bhutan. Mr van Schaik has been co-editor of several books, has written several publications, initiated three films, prepared teaching materials, has organized several international conferences on Water and Climate, Water Diplomacy, Green Growth and Water and Heritage. He has given many presentations in World Water Fora, World Water Weeks, and specific conferences around the world on WATER issues

Books by Henk P.J. van Schaik

Water & Heritage

Material, conceptual and spiritual connections

Edited by Willem J.H. Willems (✝) & Henk P.J. van Schaik | 2015

Water & Heritage … tells the story of water heritage in all its diversity. It reveals the technical ingenuity that water heritage has always inspired, and it presents the challenges that this heritage faces, along…

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