Ben van den Bercken MA

Ben van den Bercken (MA) studied Egyptian Archaeology at Leiden University and Museum Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He worked at excavations in Alexandria and as an assistant-curator in the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden (RMO). Since 2021 he is curator for the Ancient Egypt and Sudan collection at the Allard Pierson – the collections of the University of Amsterdam.

Books by Ben van den Bercken

Egyptian Delta archaeology

Short studies in honour of Willem van Haarlem

Edited by Ben van den Bercken | 2021

If you want to understand ancient Egypt, the Nile Delta is of key importance. Excavations and surveys in the Delta keep unearthing new information about how the ancient Egyptians lived, how they envisaged the afterlife…

Goden van Egypte. Van A tot Seth

Maarten J. Raven en Ben van den Bercken | 2018

In het boekje ‘Goden van Egypte – van A tot Seth’ vind je in een oogwenk informatie over tientallen Egyptische goden of godinnen. Het behandelt de goden in de tentoonstelling ‘Goden van Egypte’, maar biedt…

Engraved Gems

From antiquity to the present

Edited by Ben van den Bercken & Vivian Baan | 2017

Many are no larger than a fingertip. They are engraved with symbols, magic spells and images of gods, animals and emperors. These stones were used for various purposes. The earliest ones served as seals for…

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