Dr. Ilaria Rosetti

Ilaria Rosetti was a PhD candidate at the University of Antwerp (ARCHES research group) and visiting researcher at TUDelft (HEVA chair). Her research focuses on the role(s) that participation in heritage practices can play in achieving sustainable urban development. Her experience includes projects for public and private institutions, both in the academic and professional sphere, within fields of cultural policy, sustainable tourism, community engagement, and strategies for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

As an academic and heritage professional, she is dedicated to supporting planning, monitoring, and assessing participatory heritage practices for achieving the UN 2030 Agenda. She is an active member of the ICOMOS SDGs Working Group. She recently published about Heritage and Sustainability (Sustainability 2022, 14(3), 1674; LDE HERITAGE CONFERENCE on Heritage and Sustainable Development Goals PROCEEDINGS; VOLKSKUNDE, 121(2), 105-121). Her 2022 PhD dissertation (University of Antwerp) is entitled ‘Participatory Heritage Practices and Sustainable Urban Development’.

Books by Ilaria Rosetti

Living (World) Heritage Cities

Opportunities, challenges, and future perspectives of people-centered approaches in dynamic historic urban landscapes

Edited by Maaike S. de Waal, Ilaria Rosetti, Mara de Groot & Uditha Jinadasa | 2022

Cities are in a constant process of change and are the theater of interaction among people and their complex, historically multi-layered, culturally diverse living environment. Therefore, various interests, needs, and values affect these dynamics of…

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