Stéphanie Porcier

Stéphanie Porcier is an Egyptologist and Archeozoologist specializing in the study of animals in ancient Egypt and especially animal mummies. She directs the inter- and multidisciplinary program MAHES (French acronym for Egyptian Animal and Human Mummies) which aims to study the most important collection of animal mummies outside Egypt kept at the Musée des Confluences, Lyon (France).

Since 2017, she has conducted research on baboon mummies from the Wadi Gabbanat el-Qurud as part of the Baboon Project. She has published several scientific papers on animals (worship, representation, food and mummy analysis) and is an authority on the Mnevis bull.

Books by Stéphanie Porcier

The Ancient Egyptians and the Natural World

Flora, Fauna, and Science

Edited by Salima Ikram, Jessica Kaiser & Stéphanie Porcier | 2021

This book explores the interaction between animals, plants, and humans in ancient Egypt. It draws together different aspects of the bioarchaeology of Egypt: flora, fauna, and human remains. These come from sites throughout the country…

Creatures of Earth, Water and Sky

Essays on Animals in Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Edited by Stéphanie Porcier, Salima Ikram & Stéphane Pasquali | 2019

Ancient Egyptians always had an intense and complex relationship with animals in daily life as well as in religion. Despite the fact that research on this relationship has been a topic of study, gaps in…

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