Dr. Franco Nicolis

Franco Nicolis studied Ancient History and Prehistory at the University of Bologna. His PhD thesis at the University of Pisa was focused on the Bell Beaker phenomenon in Nortern Italy. Since 1991 he is working as archaeologist at the Archaeological Heritage Office of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy. In this position, he directed many excavations from the Mesolithic to the Roman period, organized several international conferences on different topics, gave public lectures at different European Universities and Institutions (University of Bristol; University College London; University of Nottingham; College de France, Paris, …),

He is in charge for the relations with other institutions, e.g. the Italian School of Archaeology in Athens and the Excavations Department del National Heritage Board of Sweden. He has been the coordinator of the Organising Committee of the EAA 15^th^ Annual Meeting in 2009 in Riva del Garda, Trento.

Nicolis’ interests include: Material culture and society of Neolithic, Copper Age and Bronze Age; Megalithic monuments in the alpine region; Bell Beaker Phenomenon; Long-distance contacts and connections in prehistory; Archaeology of funerary contexts; Archaeometallurgy; History of Archaeology; Archaeology of Cultural landscapes; Archaeology of I World War and forensic archaeology; Archaeology and communication; Ice Archaeology: the archaeology of ice patches and glaciers in the Alps. He has published widely on Bell Beaker phenomenon, Long distance cultural links in prehistory, Alpine archaeology, Archaeology of death.

Books by Franco Nicolis

Background to Beakers

Inquiries into regional cultural backgrounds of the Bell Beaker complex

Edited by Harry Fokkens & Franco Nicolis | 2012

Background to Beakers is the result of an inspiring session at the yearly conference of European Association of Archaeologists in The Hague in September 2010. The conference brought together thirteen speakers on the subject Beakers…

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