Prof. dr. Johannes Müller

Johannes Müller (PhD, University of Freiburg, 1990) is a Professor and Director of the Institute for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Archaeology at Kiel University, Germany. He is the founding director of the Johanna Mestorf Academy, Speaker of the Collaborative Research Centre “Scales of Transformation: Human-environmental Interaction in Prehistoric and Archaic Societies” and of the Excellence Cluster “ROOTS – Social, Environmental, and Cultural Connectivity in Past Societies”.

He conducts research on Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe, including the challenge of interlinking natural, social, life sciences, and the humanities within an anthropological approach of archaeology. Intensive fieldwork was and is carried out in international teams, e.g., on Tripolye mega-sites in Eastern Europa, the Late Neolithic tell site of Okolište in Bosnia-Hercegovina, different Neolithic domestic and burial sites in Northern Germany, and Early Bronze Age sites in Greater Poland. Ethnoarchaeological fieldwork has been conducted, e.g., in India. Within the Kiel Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes”, now the Young Academy of ROOTS, and the Scandinavian Graduate School “Dialogues of the Past”, Johannes Müller promotes international PhD projects.

Key publications: Johannes Müller
Müller, J. and Diachenko, A. 2019. Tracing long-term demographic changes: The issue of spatial scales. PLoS ONE 14, e0208739.

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Müller, J., 2018. Social memories and site biographies: construction and perception in nonliterate societies, in: Bakels, C.C., Bourgeois, Q.P.J., Fontijn, D.R., Jansen, R. (eds.), Local communities in the Big World of prehistoric Northwest Europe. Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 49. Sidestone Press: Leiden, 9-17.

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Books by Johannes Müller

Archaeology in the Žitava valley I

The LBK and Želiezovce settlement site of Vráble

Edited by Martin Furholt, Ivan Cheben, Johannes Müller, Alena Bistáková, Maria Wunderlich & Nils Müller-Scheeßel | 2020

The early Neolithic site of Vráble (5250-4950 cal BCE) is among the largest LBK settlement agglomerations in Central Europe, and exceptional within the southwest Slovakian area. Geophysical surveys revealed more than 300 houses, grouped into…

Pandemien und Krisen

Entfernte Zeiten so nah

Edited by Lutz Käppel, Cheryl Makarewicz & Johannes Müller | 2020

Archäologie leistet einen Beitrag für das gesellschaftliche Verständnis von Krisen, einschließlich gegenwärtiger und potentieller zukünftiger Notlagen. Auch Krankheiten wie Pandemien wurden und werden von der Archäologie in vergangenen Gesellschaften beobachtet. Einige solche Beispiele finden sich…

Pandemics and Crises Reloaded

Distant Times So Close

Edited by Lutz Käppel, Cheryl Makarewicz & Johannes Müller | 2020

Archaeology is all about how the present came into existence. Thus, it contributes to the social understanding of crises, including present and potential future adversities. Even diseases, such as pandemics in past societies, were and…

Past Societies

Human Development in Landscapes

Edited by Johannes Müller and Andrea Ricci | 2020

The Kiel Graduate School ‘Human Development in Landscapes’ has conducted research on socio-environmental issues of past societies during the last years. From the North Atlantic to the Persian Gulf and from Peru to the Near…


The Social Dimension of Technology and Transformation

Edited by Sławomir Kadrow & Johannes Müller | 2019

The problem of the social dimension of technology and transformation seen in the perspective of the habitus has been repeatedly undertaken in various works. However, the complexity of these phenomena causes subsequent attempts to be…

Past Landscapes

The Dynamics of Interaction between Society, Landscape, and Culture

Edited by Annette Haug, Lutz Käppel & Johannes Müller | 2018

Past Landscapes presents theoretical and practical attempts of scholars and scientists, who were and are active within the Kiel Graduate School “Human Development in Landscapes” (GSHDL), in order to disentangle a wide scope of research…

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