Dr. Andy Mills

Andy Mills is curator for Archaeology and World Cultures at The Hunterian. He is a world art historian, ethnohistorian and anthropologist, with specialist interests in Oceanic art, collections provenance, missionary collecting, textiles, and arms and armour, among other things; he is the co-editor, with Tom Crowley, of Weapons, Culture and the Anthropology Museum. During the project Situating Pacific Barkcloth in Time and Place, Andy’s research focused on historical change in the arts of Polynesian barkcloth, analysing the materials and processes of tapa-making, and exploring the histories of barkcloth in the world’s museums.

Books by Andy Mills

Material Approaches to Polynesian Barkcloth

Cloth, Collections, Communities

Edited by Frances Lennard & Andy Mills | 2020

Barkcloth or tapa, a cloth made from the inner bark of trees, was widely used in place of woven cloth in the Pacific islands until the 19th century. A ubiquitous material, it was integral to…

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