Dr. Victorino Mayoral Herrera

Victorino Mayoral Herrera (Madrid, 1970; PhD, 2001, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain). Staff Scientist at the Instituto de Arqueología-Mérida (Merida Institute of Archaeology) (IAM), Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (Spanish National Research Council) (CSIC) in Spain. Before joining the IAM, he developed his career at the Complutense University of Madrid and in the Heritage Administration of the Autonomous Region of Extremadura. His research has been mainly concerned with an archaeological approach to the study of landscape, with two main vectors. On the one hand, a historical analysis focused on the transition between indigenous cultures and the Roman rule in the Mediterranean, without neglecting the longue durée nature of this kind of research. On the other hand, in methodological terms his efforts have been mainly devoted to the exploration of the potential of non-invasive methods like remote sensing, aerial, geophysical, and especially surface survey with the support of geospatial technologies.

Victorino has conducted multiple research projects in Spain. He has authored, among others, Paisajes Agrarios y cambios social en Andalucía Oriental entre los períodos ibérico y romano (2004), Arqueología del trabajo. El ciclo de la vida en un poblado ibérico (2007), and co-edited collective works like Tecnologías de información geográfica y análisis arqueológico del territorio. Actas del V Simposio Internacional de Arqueología de Mérida (2011) and La revalorización de zonas arqueológicas mediante el empleo de técnicas no destructivas (2016).

Books by Victorino Mayoral Herrera

Archaeology and Geomatics

Harvesting the benefits of 10 years of training in the Iberian Peninsula (2006-2015)

Edited by Victorino Mayoral Herrera, César Parcero-Oubiña & Pastor Fábrega-Álvarez | 2017

Digital technologies have numerous applications in archaeology ranging from the documentation of the archaeological evidence and the analysis of research data to the presentation of results for a wider audience. This volume consists of various…

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