Prof. Dr. Daniela Hofmann

Daniela Hofmann is Professor at the University of Bergen, but has previously worked in Germany and the UK. She teaches and researches chiefly on the Neolithic of central Europe. Her main areas of interest are the application of scientific methods to narratives of prehistoric life, notably concerning migration and mobility, as well as the role of material culture and social practices (burial, structured deposition, figurines, architecture) in bringing about or resisting change.

Books by Daniela Hofmann

Migration Narratives in Archaeology

Edited by Daniela Hofmann, Catherine J. Frieman & Astrid J. Nyland | 2023

Migration is not just a recent, crisis-driven phenomenon, but a fundamental part of human life – and has always been so. This booklet is aimed at everyone who is interested in human migration in the…

Arkeologiske fortellinger om migrasjon

Edited by Daniela Hofmann, Catherine J. Frieman & Astrid J. Nyland | 2023

Denne boken er rettet mot alle som er interessert i menneskers migrasjon i fortiden. Men migrasjon er ikke et nytt, krise-drevet fenomen. Det er og har alltid vært en fundamental del av livet. I boken…

The Baltic in the Bronze Age

Regional patterns, interactions and boundaries

Edited by Daniela Hofmann, Frank Nikulka, Robert Schumann | 2022

The Bronze Age is a time of increasing interaction with large-scale connections that cover vast parts of Europe. Some parts and regions of the Bronze Age are very well explored and for some very strong…

Magical, mundane or marginal?

Deposition practices in the Early Neolithic Linearbandkeramik culture

Edited by Daniela Hofmann | 2020

This volume takes its starting point from the increasingly frequent discovery of deliberately placed deposits on Early Neolithic Linearbandkeramik sites. This includes the placement of complete and still usable tools in the ground, as well…

Contacts, boundaries and innovation in the fifth millennium

Exploring developed Neolithic societies in central Europe and beyond

Edited by Ralf Gleser & Daniela Hofmann | 2019

The fifth millennium is characterized by far-flung contacts and a veritable flood of innovations. While its beginning is still strongly reminiscent of a broadly Linearbandkeramik way of life, at its end we find new, inter-regionally…

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