Dr. Martin Hinz

Martin Hinz (https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9904-6548) is a Lecturer and Research Fellow at the Institute of Archaeological Sciences and Research Associate of the Oeschger Center for Climate Change Research at the University of Bern. His current focus is the combination of scientific data, quantitative methods and archaeological knowledge, particularly in respect to the Neolithic and Bronze Age in Switzerland.

Books by Martin Hinz

Rethinking Neolithic Societies

New Perspectives on Social Relations, Political Organization and Cohabitation

Edited by Caroline Heitz, Maria Wunderlich, Martin Hinz, Martin Furholt | 2023

Traditional archaeological ideas about Neolithic societies were shaped by questionable premises. The modern concept of social and cultural coherence of residence groups as well as the ethnic interpretation of ‘archaeological cultures’ fostered ideas of static…

Settling Waterscapes in Europe

The Archaeology of Neolithic & Bronze Age Pile-Dwellings

Edited by Albert Hafner, Ekaterina Dolbunova, Andrey Mazurkevich, Elena Pranckenaite & Martin Hinz | 2022

Pile dwellings have been explored over a vast region for a number of decades now. This has led to the development of different ways, methods, and even schools of under-water and peat-bog excavation practices and…

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