Dr. Caroline Heitz

Caroline Heitz (https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7188-6775) is a Senior Researcher and SNSF-Ambizione Grantee at the Institute of Archaeological Sciences and the Oeschger Center for Climate Change Research at the University of Bern. In her award-winning doctoral thesis, she combined research on mobility, entanglement, appropriation, and transformation in relation to Neolithic pottery from the UNESCO-World Heritage wetland sites around the Alps. She was also awarded a Postdoc-Mobility Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation and became a fellow at the Universities of Oxford and Kiel in 2021–2022. She is currently conducting research on social archaeology as well as climate change resilience and vulnerabilities of prehistoric waterfront communities.

Books by Caroline Heitz

Rethinking Neolithic Societies

New Perspectives on Social Relations, Political Organization and Cohabitation

Edited by Caroline Heitz, Maria Wunderlich, Martin Hinz, Martin Furholt | 2023

Traditional archaeological ideas about Neolithic societies were shaped by questionable premises. The modern concept of social and cultural coherence of residence groups as well as the ethnic interpretation of ‘archaeological cultures’ fostered ideas of static…

Keramik jenseits von 'Kulturen'

Mobilität, Verflechtungen und Transformationen im nördlichen Alpenvorland (3950–3800 v.Chr.)

Caroline Heitz | 2023

Mobilität ist für Formen des sozialen Zusammenlebens grundlegend. Doch welche Rolle spielte räumliche Mobilität in der Vergangenheit? Aus prähistorischen Zeitabschnitten wie etwa dem Neolithikum ist dazu noch immer wenig bekannt. Das gilt auch für die…

Mobility and Pottery Production

Archaeological and Anthropological Perspectives

Edited by Caroline Heitz & Regine Stapfer | 2017

For many past and present societies, pottery forms an integral part of material culture and everyday practice. This makes it a promising case example to address human-thing-relations on a more general level, as well as…

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