Dr. Maaike S. De Waal

Maaike S. De Waal (PhD, Leiden University) is assistant professor and head of the Field Research and Education Centre at the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University (the Netherlands). She is also a partner in ARGEOgraph, an archaeological company specializing in geoinformatics in archaeology. Previously, she was lecturing in archaeology at the University of the West Indies (Barbados). Her research interests include archaeological heritage management, applied archaeology, landscape archaeology, and Caribbean archaeology and heritage. ‘Pre-Colonial and Post-Contact Archaeology in Barbados: past, present and future research directions’ (De Waal, M.S., Finneran, N., Reilly, M., Armstrong, D.V. and Farmer, K., Sidestone Press, 2019) is one of her recent publications.

Books by Maaike S. De Waal

Living (World) Heritage Cities

Opportunities, challenges, and future perspectives of people-centered approaches in dynamic historic urban landscapes

Edited by Maaike S. de Waal, Ilaria Rosetti, Mara de Groot & Uditha Jinadasa | 2022

Cities are in a constant process of change and are the theater of interaction among people and their complex, historically multi-layered, culturally diverse living environment. Therefore, various interests, needs, and values affect these dynamics of…

Pre-Colonial and Post-Contact Archaeology in Barbados

Past, Present, and Future Research Directions

Edited by Maaike S. de Waal, Niall Finneran, Matthew C. Reilly, Douglas V. Armstrong & Kevin Farmer | 2019

This volume provides one of the most comprehensive overviews of the archaeology of a single Caribbean island yet published. Drawing together scholars from the Caribbean, north America and Europe, all working from a range of…

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