Dr. Neil Carlin

Dr. Neil Carlin is a Teaching Fellow in the School of Archaeology at University College Dublin. His research concentrates on the Neolithic and Bronze Age of Ireland and Britain in their European contexts, with an emphasis on depositional practices and the social role of material culture.

In 2014, he completed a postdoctoral research project on the depositional treatment of Grooved Ware and associated objects in Ireland entitled ‘Understanding the Irish Late Neolithic: Grooved Ware in Context’ which was funded by the Irish Research Council. That study was inspired by the results of his PhD thesis on the Beaker phenomenon, “A proper place for everything: the character and context of Beaker depositional practice in Ireland” which he was awarded in 2012. He has over 10 years’ experience in the archaeological services sector working on the excavation, post-excavation and publication of numerous sites in Ireland.

Books by Neil Carlin

The Beaker Phenomenon?

Understanding the character and context of social practices in Ireland 2500-2000 BC

Neil Carlin | Forthcoming

During the mid-third millennium BC, people across Europe started using an international suite of novel material culture including early metalwork and distinctive ceramics known as...

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