Dr. Babs Boter

Babs Boter is Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Humanities, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her research and teaching focus on life writing, travel writing and Diaspora Studies. She is initiator and convenor of the international expert group Unhinging the National Framework: Platform for the Study of Life Writing and Transnationalism.

Also see: https://www.clue.vu.nl/en/projects/Unhinging-the-National-Framework/index.aspx

Books by Babs Boter

Unhinging the National Framework

Perspectives on Transnational Life Writing

Edited by Babs Boter, Marleen Rensen & Giles Scott-Smith | 2020

This book focuses on the 20th century lives of men and women whose life-work and life experiences transgressed and surpassed the national boundaries that existed or emerged in the 20th century. The chapters explore how…

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