Dr. Krijn H.J. Boom

Krijn Hendrikus Johannes Boom completed his PhD as part of the European NEARCH Project at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. Krijn works as a Project Manager Blended Learning at the Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam and is Co-Founder of the VALUE foundation.

Key Publications

Dries, Monique H. van den; Boom, Krijn H.J. & Linden, Sjoerd J. van der. 2015. Exploring Archaeology’s Social Values for Present Day Society. Analecta Praehistoria Leidensia 45: 221-234.

Books by Krijn H.J. Boom

The Interactive Past

Archaeology, Heritage, and Video Games

Edited by Angus A.A. Mol, Csilla E. Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke, Krijn H.J. Boom & Aris Politopoulos | 2017

Video games, even though they are one of the present’s quintessential media and cultural forms, also have a surprising and many-sided relation with the past....

Imprint of Action

The Sociocultural Impact of Public Activities in Archaeology

Krijn H.J. Boom | Forthcoming

Cultural heritage, which includes archaeology, is recognized as serving an increasingly important role in European societal development. But what exactly is the relevance of archaeology...

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