Dr. Krijn H.J. Boom

Krijn Hendrikus Johannes Boom completed his PhD as part of the European NEARCH Project at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University. Krijn works as a Project Manager Blended Learning at the Faculty of Science, University of Amsterdam and is Co-Founder of the VALUE foundation.

Key Publications

Dries, Monique H. van den; Boom, Krijn H.J. & Linden, Sjoerd J. van der. 2015. Exploring Archaeology’s Social Values for Present Day Society. Analecta Praehistoria Leidensia 45: 221-234.

Books by Krijn H.J. Boom

Imprint of Action

The Sociocultural Impact of Public Activities in Archaeology

Krijn H.J. Boom | 2018

Cultural heritage, which includes archaeology, is recognized as serving an increasingly important role in European societal development. But what exactly is the relevance of archaeology...

The Interactive Past

Archaeology, Heritage, and Video Games

Edited by Angus A.A. Mol, Csilla E. Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke, Krijn H.J. Boom & Aris Politopoulos | 2017

Video games, even though they are one of the present’s quintessential media and cultural forms, also have a surprising and many-sided relation with the past....

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