Wout Arentzen

After having occupied himself for a longer period with the Minoan/Mycenaean cultural complex, Wout Arentzen became convinced that quite often the archaeologist and his time are as important for the interpretation of a culture as the archaeological finds themselves. To get a better understanding of this side of the archaeological process he started to study the history of archaeology. It soon became clear that the history of Bronze Age archaeology in the Aegean is directly connected to the history of prehistoric archaeology in Northern Europe. As a consequence Wouts interests have moved from the Aegean to Northern Europe in the last twenty years.

Only limited work has been done on the history of archaeology in the Netherlands. Being a Dutchman, it was only natural that this became the main focus of his work.

Books by Wout Arentzen

The women are more beautiful than any I have ever seen

Heinrich Schliemann’s travels through Spain in 1859

Edited by Wout Arentzen & Maaike van Asch | 2019

In the fourth part of The Schliemann Diaries we follow Heinrich Schliemann, the famous 19th century trader, traveller and archaeologist, on his travels through Spain in 1859. The original diary was written mainly in Spanish…

Schliemann and the California Gold Rush

The 1850-1852 American travel journal of Heinrich Schliemann: a transcription and translation

Christo Thanos & Wout Arentzen | 2014

In this second part of The Schliemann Diaries we follow Heinrich Schliemann (the famous 19th century archaeologist, trader and traveller) through his diary on his second journey: his travels to America from December 1850 to…

Without having seen the Queen

The 1846 European travel journal of Heinrich Schliemann: a transcription and annotated translation

Christo Thanos & Wout Arentzen | 2012

Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890), a shrewd trader and later in life one of the best known archaeologists of the 19th century, made many travels around the world. He recorded his experiences in several diaries. This publication…

Schliemann en Nederland

Een leven vol verhalen

Wout Arentzen | 2012

De beroemde archeoloog, zakenman en reiziger Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890) legde de basis voor zijn fortuin in Nederland. Dit boek beschrijft zijn leven daarom vanuit een Nederlands perspectief. Al kort na zijn aankomst in het land…

W.J. de Wilde (1860-1936)

Een vergeten onderzoeker van de Nederlandse hunebedden

Wout Arentzen | 2010

W.J. de Wilde is waarschijnlijk de raadselachtigste figuur in de geschiedenis van de Nederlandse prehistorische archeologie. Hij is in 1860 in Batavia geboren en schreef zich in 1880 aan de universiteit van Utrecht in als…

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