Dr. Marco Zecchi

Marco Zecchi studied Ancient History and Egyptology at the University of Bologna. He received his M.Phil. from the University of Liverpool and his Ph.D. from the University of Bologna. In 2004.2006 Marco Zecchi held the postision of temporary lecture at the University of Sassari. Starting from 2007, he teaches Egyptology at the University of Bologna, where is associate professor.

His main research interests focus on the god Osiris, as well as on the religion of the Fayum region in the dynastic period.

Books by Marco Zecchi

The naos of Amasis

A monument for the reawakening of Osiris

Marco Zecchi | 2019

The naos AM 107 of the Museum of Antiquities in Leiden was made by order of king Amasis in the 6th century BC, a period that saw an intense production of monolithic shrines. Despite its…

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