Dr. Ingrid Ystgaard

Ingrid Ystgaard is an associate professor at the Department of Historical and Classical studies at the Norwegian University of Technology and Science. Her research interests include social dynamics, hierarchies, mobility, and warfare in the Iron Age. Between 2015 and 2019 she directed the excavations at Ørland Main Air Base for the Department of Archaeology and Cultural History, NTNU University Museum.

Books by Ingrid Ystgaard

Complexity and dynamics

Settlement and landscape from the Bronze Age to the Renaissance in the Nordic Countries (1700 BC–AD 1600)

Edited by Marie Ødegaard & Ingrid Ystgaard | 2023

How did people organize their settlements in later prehistoric societies? How do architecture, spatial organization, land divisions, and landscape use relate to different modes of social organization? The papers in this book contribute to a…

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