Prof. Dr. Howard Williams

Howard Williams is Professor of Archaeology at the University of Chester. Famous for his work on the study of death, burial and commemoration in Early Medieval Britain and Scandinavia, Howard also actively engages his audience through his well-loved blog and other social media channels.

Some key publications:
  • Williams, H. (ed.) Mortuary citations: Death and Memory in the Viking World. Special issue of the European Journal of Archaeology 19(3). (2016, guest editor).
  • Cerezo-Román, J. I., Wessman, A. and Williams, H. (eds) Cremation and the Archaeology of Death. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (2017, editors)
  • Williams, H., Wills-Eve, B. and Osborne, J. (eds) 2019. The Public Archaeology of Death, Sheffield: Equinox.
    Semple, S. & Williams, H. (eds) 2007. Early Medieval Mortuary Practices: Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology & History 14. Oxford: *Oxford University Committee for Archaeology. 400 pages.
  • Williams, H. 2006. Death & Memory in Early Medieval Britain, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 268 pages (paperback reprint, 2010).
  • Williams, H. (ed.) 2003. Archaeologies of Remembrance: Death and Memory in Past Societies. New York: Kluwer/Plenum.

Books by Howard Williams

Cremation in the Early Middle Ages

Death, fire and identity in North-West Europe

Edited by Howard Williams & Femke Lippok | Forthcoming

Cremation in the Early Middle Ages draws together the latest research and thinking on early medieval cremation practices. The book takes you on a journey through 19 chapters exploring cremation practices from the fifth to…

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