Dr. Annemarieke Willemsen

Annemarieke Willemsen is curator of the Medieval collections at the National Museum of Antiquities (Leiden) and director of the Dorestad Congress. In Leiden, she organized the 2009 exhibition & congress on Carolingian Dorestad and the 2014 exhibition & congress on the early-medieval Netherlands. Next to books about Dorestad and the Vikings in the Netherlands, she published extensively on Roman and medieval children, toys, education, fashion & accessories.

Books by Annemarieke Willemsen

Dorestad and its Networks

Communities, Contact and Conflict in Early Medieval Europe

Edited by Annemarieke Willemsen & Hanneke Kik | 2021

Dorestad was the largest town of the Low Countries in the Carolingian era. As a riverine emporium on the northern edge of the Frankish Empire, it functioned as a European junction, connecting the Viking world…

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