Dr. Emma C. Wager

Emma Wager is an independent researcher and the newest member of the Early Mines Research Group. She completed her PhD thesis on the social prehistory of the Great Orme mine at the University of Sheffield. She is co-editor (with Barbara Ottaway) of Metals and Society (2002, Archaeopress) and has co-authored several publications about the prehistoric Great Orme mine, as well as the technology and use of Bronze Age glasses. She has recently taken on the role of newsletter editor for the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) Wales.

Titles of key publications:
  • Wager, E. (in press) ‘The role of Neolithic stone quarrying in the development of Bronze Age copper mining at Great Orme mine, north Wales, UK,’ in Jones, A. and Quinnell, H. (eds) Sourcing prehistoric materials – new perspectives. Oxford: Archaeopress.
  • Wager, E. and Ottaway, B. (2019) ‘Optimal versus minimal preservation: two case studies of Bronze Age ore processing sites’, Journal of Historical Metallurgy, 52(Part 1 for 2018), pp. 22–32.
  • Jackson, C. and Wager, E. (2011) ‘Glass in the Aegean Bronze Age: value, meaning and status’, in Vianello, A. (ed.) Exotica in the prehistoric Mediterranean, Oxford: Oxbow Books, pp. 114–123.
  • Wager, E. (2009) ‘Mining ore and making people: re-thinking notions of gender and age in Bronze Age mining communities’, in Kienlin, T. and Roberts, B. (eds), Metals and societies. Studies in honour of Barbara S. Ottaway (Universitätsforsch. Prähist. Arch. 169). Bonn: Verlag Dr. Rudolf Habelt GMBH, pp. 105–15.
  • Wager, E. and Ottaway, B. (eds) (2002) Metals and society. Papers from a session at the European Association of Archaeologists Sixth Annual Meeting in Lisbon 2000 (BAR International Series 1061). Oxford: Archaeopress.

Books by Emma C. Wager

Community, Technology and Tradition

A Social Prehistory of the Great Orme Mine

Emma C. Wager | 2024

In the second millennium BC, mining for copper ore on the Great Orme, Wales, created one of Europe’s largest surviving prehistoric copper mines. The ore from the mine was smelted into metal that was cast…

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