Dr. Marieke Visser

Marieke Visser studied Scandinavian Languages and Cultures at Amsterdam University, specialising in rune inscriptions in Sweden, and Archaeology at Stockholm University, where she specialised in the Prehistory of Northern Europe and Osteoarchaeology. In 2015, she started her PhD at Leiden University within the framework of the NWO-funded project Economies of Destruction, the results of which are presented in this book.

Books by Marieke Visser

A completely normal practice

The emergence of selective metalwork deposition in Denmark, north-west Germany, and the Netherlands between 2350-1500 BC

Marieke Visser | 2021

In Bronze Age Europe, an enormous amount of metalwork was buried in the ground and never retrieved. Patterns in the archaeological finds show that this was a deliberate practice: people systematically deposited valuable metal objects…

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