Dr. Cornelis van Tilburg

Cornelis van Tilburg studied Classics at Leiden University. Since 2000 he is a researcher at Leiden University (LUCAS). His main publications are: Romeins Verkeer (2005, repr. 2014, third edition 2018), Traffic and Congestion in the Roman Empire (2007, repr. 2012), Streets and Streams: Health conditions and city planning in the Graeco-Roman World (2015) and Oudheid, reinheid en gezondheid: Hygiëne in de Grieks-Romeinse wereld (2018).

Books by Cornelis van Tilburg

City Gates in the Roman West

Forms and functions

Cornelis van Tilburg | 2022

This book discusses various aspects of city gates in the Western Roman Empire: Italy, Spain, Gaul, Germany and Britain. In these countries many Roman city gates are to be found, sometimes still in a good…

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