Dr. Huw Twiston Davies

Huw Twiston Davies was a postdoctoral research fellow of the Vidi-project The Walking Dead at Saqqara, The Making of a Cultural Geography, kindly funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (2018–2022), and was additionally Lecturer in Egyptology at the University of Manchester 2020–2021. Twiston Davies studied Egyptology at the University of Liverpool, where he received his doctorate in 2018.

Books by Huw Twiston Davies

Perspectives on Lived Religion II

The Making of a Cultural Geography

Edited by Lara Weiss, Nico Staring, Huw Twiston Davies | 2022

Ancient Egyptian elites invested immense cultural and economic efforts in preparing for their afterlives. However, the diversity of choices open to them is often overlooked. These choices included tomb size, tomb location, and architectural design,…

Perspectives on Lived Religion

Practices - Transmission - Landscape

Edited by Nico Staring, Huw Twiston Davies and Lara Weiss | 2019

Religion in the ancient world, and ancient Egyptian religion in particular, is often perceived as static, hierarchically organised, and centred on priests, tombs, and temples. Engagement with archaeological and textual evidence dispels these beguiling if…

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