Brittany Thomas MA

Brittany Thomas is in the writing-up stage of her PhD at the University of Leicester, working on the late antique art and architecture of Ravenna under Dr Neil Christie. Her research interests include interaction with art in public spaces, imagined and re-visioned space, and notions of the gaze and the ‘viewer’ in antiquity. Her recent publications include:

2016. Review: Viewing Inscriptions in the Late Antique and Medieval World. Edited by Antony Eastmond. Journal of Medieval Archaeology (forthcoming)

2016. Imperial Statues and Public Spaces in Late Antiquity: Conceptualising ‘Constantine’ at York as an Ancient Public Commission. TRAC 2015: Proceedings of the Twenty Fifth Annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference, Leicester 2015. Oxford: Oxbow Books.

Books by Brittany Thomas

Debating Religious Space and Place in the Early Medieval World (c. AD 300-1000)

Edited by Chantal Bielmann and Brittany Thomas | Forthcoming

This volume has predominantly grown out of the discussions generated by a conference held at the University of Leicester in November 2014 entitled Debating Religious Space and Place from Constantine to Cnut. While many of the contributors to this volume...

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