Drs. Christo Thanos

Christo Thanos (1968) studied Prehistory of Northwest Europe at Leiden University. After his graduation in 1995, he was employed for seven years as field archaeologist and later as project supervisor by RAAP Archeologisch Adviesbureau (specialization: auger survey). From 2002 to 2010 he was employed at the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency working on Archis, the national database for archaeological sites. One of his additional jobs was the locating and making accessible of old archaeological archives and archaeological films. While working with these old archives his interest was aroused in the history of archaeology (in particular the life and work of Glyn Daniel (1914-1986) and Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890)). In 2011 Christo worked for the engineering office Grontmij as archaeological advisor, and from 2012 he is working as archaeological advisor for nine councils in the province of South-Holland.

Books by Christo Thanos

Schliemann and the California Gold Rush

The 1850-1852 American travel journal of Heinrich Schliemann: a transcription and translation

Christo Thanos & Wout Arentzen | 2014

In this second part of The Schliemann Diaries we follow Heinrich Schliemann (the famous 19th century archaeologist, trader and traveller) through his diary on his second journey: his travels to America from December 1850 to…

Without having seen the Queen

The 1846 European travel journal of Heinrich Schliemann: a transcription and annotated translation

Christo Thanos & Wout Arentzen | 2012

Heinrich Schliemann (1822-1890), a shrewd trader and later in life one of the best known archaeologists of the 19th century, made many travels around the world. He recorded his experiences in several diaries. This publication…

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