Dr Sara A. Rich

Sara Rich is Assistant Professor of Honors at Coastal Carolina University. She is an archaeologist, art historian, artist, and author of speculative fiction. She has directed underwater archaeological campaigns on shipwrecks and submerged settlements in the Mediterranean, English Channel, and North Atlantic, and is now directing her attention to the West Atlantic.

Her new book, Shipwreck Hauntography: Underwater Ruins and the Uncanny, was published by Amsterdam University Press in 2021. An open-access book, Closer to Dust, was released from Punctum Press, also in 2021. Sara is also author of Shipwrecks and Provenance (2018) and Cedar Forests, Cedar Ships (2017), both published by Archaeopress. In danger of turning landlubber, her latest book, Mushroom, will soon be available in the Bloomsbury series Object Lessons.

Books by Sara A. Rich

Contemporary Philosophy for Maritime Archaeology

Flat Ontologies, Oceanic Thought, and the Anthropocene

Edited by Sara A. Rich & Peter B. Campbell | 2023

While terrestrial archaeology has engaged with contemporary philosophy, maritime archaeology has remained in comparative disciplinary – or subdisciplinary – isolation. However, the issues that humans face in the Anthropocene – from global warming to global…

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