Stephen Rhodes MSc

Stephen Rhodes is a zooarchaeologist interested in the shift from hunting to herding in the Neolithic of Southwest Asia. He has worked in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan, and since 2017 is involved in an ongoing project in Kvemo Kartli, Georgia. The large numbers of bone tools recovered from the excavations in Georgia have led him to incorporate these objects, and the perishable technologies they represent, into his analysis of Neolithic subsistence change. He is currently a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Toronto.

Books by Stephen Rhodes

Bones at a crossroads

Integrating Worked Bone Research with Archaeometry and Social Zooarchaeology

Edited by Markus Wild, Beverly A. Thurber, Stephen Rhodes & Christian Gates St-Pierre | 2021

Bone tool studies are at a crossroads. A current path is to go beyond the concatenation of methods or concepts borrowed from other disciplines and aim instead at a truly integrated approach that is more…

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