Aris Politopoulos MA

Aris is a PhD candidate at Leiden University, Faculty of Archaeology. Aside from video games, he is passionate about the Near East and more specifically the Assyrian Empire and its capital cities. He investigates the reasons for the construction of new capitals, as well as their function within the imperial system. He is also interested in all forms of storytelling and narratives – from Dungeons and Dragons to history-telling.

Books by Aris Politopoulos

The Interactive Past

Archaeology, Heritage, and Video Games

Edited by Angus A.A. Mol, Csilla E. Ariese-Vandemeulebroucke, Krijn H.J. Boom & Aris Politopoulos | 2017

Video games, even though they are one of the present’s quintessential media and cultural forms, also have a surprising and many-sided relation with the past....

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