Aris Politopoulos MA

Aris Politopoulos is a lecturer for the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University, and a postdoctoral researcher at the Leiden University Center for Arts in Society working on the Past-at-Play Lab project. His research focuses on ancient Near Eastern empires, the archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean, the archaeology of Play, and the archaeological study of video games. He is also a co-founding member of the VALUE Foundation and has published extensively on the topic of video games and archaeology.

Books by Aris Politopoulos

Return to the Interactive Past

The Interplay of Video Games and Histories

Edited by Csilla E. Ariese, Krijn H.J. Boom, Bram van den Hout, Angus A.A. Mol & Aris Politopoulos | 2021

A defining fixture of our contemporary world, video games offer a rich spectrum of engagements with the past. Beyond a source of entertainment, video games are cultural expressions that support and influence social interactions. Games…

The Interactive Past

Archaeology, Heritage, and Video Games

Edited by Angus A.A. Mol, Csilla E. Ariese, Krijn H.J. Boom & Aris Politopoulos | 2017

Video games, even though they are one of the present’s quintessential media and cultural forms, also have a surprising and many-sided relation with the past. From seminal series like Sid Meier’s Civilization or Assassin’s Creed…

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