Dr. Asger Nørlund Christensen

Asger Nørlund Christensen is a Danish historian, who did his master at Aarhus University in 2013 and successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation in September 2019 at the University of Southern Denmark. In his early carrier he sailed as a deckhand and later as mate and skipper on several traditional sailing ships, just as he has worked with the restoration of traditional craft.

Amongst his publications are:
2005. Skibsbygmester E.C. Benzon og hans skibe. The Danish Maritime Museum. Falcon, Copenhagen 2005
2014. Flådens udlandsmobilisering. Rekruttering af skandinaviske søfolk i Amsterdam under Skånske Krig. Fra krig og fred. Dansk militærhistorisk kommissions tidsskrift 2014/1. Page 11 – 57.
2015. Professional Seamen. A strategic resource during the Scanian War.” International Journal of Maritime History. Vol 27, nr. 2. 2015. Page 192 – 207.
2018. Förändringens förtrupp? -Skandinaviska sjömän i Nederländerne Örlogsstäder – innovationer, varv och vrak. Marinmuseum Karlskrona. 2018. Page 132 – 142.

Books by Asger Nørlund Christensen

Maritime connections across the North Sea

The exchange of maritime culture and technology between Scandinavia and the Netherlands in the early modern period

Asger Nørlund Christensen | 2021

Why are so many nautical words in Danish the same as in Dutch? Who taught the shipwrights in the Royal Danish Shipyard in Copenhagen to build carvel planked ships? How did the first Danish ships…

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