Dr. Jörg Mull

After an education in the classical languages Latin and Greek, Jörg Mull studied Economics in Germany and Japan. He holds a Doctorate in Economics.

He is of German nationality, married to a Singaporean and has over 30 years of experience in the Automotive Industry, over 20 years of these in foreign assignments (16 years in Asia, 5 years in the UK).

In his publications, Mull provides fresh perspectives on questions discussed by scholars from the traditional fields of Bronze Age research. In a multi-disciplinary approach he includes economic aspects in his analysis of the transcontinental exchange networks of the Late Bronze Age in Europe as well as the rich fundus of myths transmitted over centuries. In 2017 he published ‘Mythen und Metalle’ (Leipziger Universitaetsverlag/ Leipzig University Press) about the economic background of the dramatic end of the Bronze Age and its reflection in myth.

Books by Jörg Mull

Towards the Borders of the Bronze Age and Beyond

Mycenaean Long Distance Travel and its Reflection in Myth

Jörg Mull | 2022

The Late Bronze Age from about 1600 to 1150 BCE was a time of unprecedented economic activity in human history based on the supply and production of the eponymous alloy bronze on an almost industrial…

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