Dr. Hayley L. Mickleburgh

Hayley Mickleburgh studied Caribbean Archaeology at Leiden University. She specializes in human dental wear patterns and dental pathology, with a special focus on the circum-Caribbean region.

Hayley’s PhD research project, entitled Teeth Tell Tales: a multi-disciplinary approach to past lifestyles and cultural practices is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) within their ‘Toptalent’ program for ‘young creative talent’.

The Teeth Tell Tales project combines human dental wear analysis with data from archaeology, ethnohistorical and ethnographical accounts, and modern dentistry in order to understand subsistence strategies, gender-based divisions for certain cultural practices, and the implications of these aspects of lifestyle for oral and general health.

External link: Hayley L. Mickleburgh's Academia.edu profile

Books by Hayley L. Mickleburgh

Teeth Tell Tales

Dental wear as evidence for cultural practices at Anse a la Gourde and Tutu

Hayley L. Mickleburgh | 2008

Similar to the osteological study of prehistoric human remains, the study of human dental wear has been proven to afford a wealth of information on human cultural practices. This study is aimed at recording and…

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