Dr. Fanis Mavridis

Fanis Mavridis is an archaeologist of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Department of Palaeoanthropology and Speleology. He has studied archaeology at the department of History and Archaeology, Athens University and at a post graduate level, Prehistoric Archaeology (University of Athens) and Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy (Sheffield University). His PhD and post-doc research is related to the Stone Age of the Aegean islands. He has directed systematic and rescue excavations in the Cyclades, Euboea and Attica. His research interests include the Aegean Neolithic, island and cave archaeologies and Bronze Age Cyclades.

Books by Fanis Mavridis

Figurine-making in the Neolithic Aegean

Edited by Stratos Nanoglou and Fanis Mavridis | Forthcoming

This volume presents a cutting-edge perspective on figurine studies in the Neolithic Aegean, sparking renewed interest and innovative ideas. It celebrates two significant milestones in the field: the 50th anniversary of Giorgos Hourmouziadis’ Ph.D. thesis…

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