Dr. Laurence Manolakakis

Laurence Manolakakis is a researcher at the CNRS, and director of the laboratory “Trajectoires” (CNRS/Paris 1-Panthéon-Sorbonne University). A specialist of lithic technology and resource procurement from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods in Europe, in both the Balkans and in Northern France, her research interests include funerary assemblages, territories and socio-economic organisation.

Her main publications on the Balkan Copper Age are: Les industries lithiques énéolithiques de Bulgarie (2005), Open−cast flint mining, long blades production and long−distance exchange: an example from Bulgaria (2008), Le mobilier en silex taillé des tombes de Varna I (2008), A flint deposit, a tell and a shaft: a lithic production complex at Ravno 3-Kamenovo? (Early Chalcolithic, North-East Bulgaria) (2011).

Books by Laurence Manolakakis

European Archaeology: Identities & Migrations

Archéologie européenne: Identités & Migrations

Edited by Laurence Manolakakis, Nathan Schlanger, Anick Coudart | 2017

As it appears in diverse guises – and notably as a founding narrative – the past is at the core of every functioning human society. The idea that the past can be known through scientific…

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