Dr. Yolaine Maigrot

Yolaine Maigrot is a research engineer at the CNRS (UMR 8215 Trajectoires, France. She is specialized in typological, technological and traceological study of bone, teeth & antler tools. Her research interest deals with the socio-economic processes of Neolithic societies based on the analysis of their technical systems.

Books by Yolaine Maigrot

Beyond Use-Wear Traces

Going from tools to people by means of archaeological wear and residue analyses

Edited by Sylvie Beyries, Caroline Hamon & Yolaine Maigrot | 2021

This book brings together 30 papers by leading scholars in the field of usewear and residue analysis. This publication aims to revive the debate on the role of traceology (use-wear and residues) in multidisciplinary approaches…

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