Femke Lippok Mphil

Femke Lippok is an early medieval archaeologist focused on changing burial rituals and ritual economies in early medieval North Western Europe. She is currently employed by the Mero-Jewel project as an academic researcher at the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels (KMKG/MRAH). She is simultaneously finishing her PhD dissertation at Leiden University.

Key publications:
  • Lippok, F.E. (2020). The pyre and the grave: early medieval cremation burials in the Netherlands, the German Rhineland and Belgium, World Archaeology, 52:1, 147-162.
  • Brandsen A. & Lippok F.E. (2021), A burning question: using an intelligent grey literature search engine to change our views on early medieval burial practices in the Netherlands, Journal of Archaeological Science 133: 105456.

Books by Femke Lippok

Cremation in the Early Middle Ages

Death, fire and identity in North-West Europe

Edited by Howard Williams & Femke Lippok | Forthcoming

Cremation in the Early Middle Ages draws together the latest research and thinking on early medieval cremation practices. The book takes you on a journey through 19 chapters exploring cremation practices from the fifth to…

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