Prof. dr. K. Liden

Kerstin Lidén is a Professor in Archaeological Science with a special interest in Environmental Humanities. She has been part in initiating a special call for a post doc researchers in “Environmental Research in the Human Sciences Area” at Stockholm University, an interdisciplinary call directed to all areas in Human Sciences. Kerstin has also initiated a new field of research in Sweden, Glacial Archaeology, where she and her research group perform regular inventories at melting glaciers and snow patches.

Presently she is also leading a research project on “How to deal with environmental change – the impact of three major environmental events on prehistoric coastal societies and their main prey species” focusing on human environmental relations in times of major climatic shifts, natural or human induced.

Key publications:

Eriksson, G., Papmehl-Dufay, L. & Lidén, K. 2013 Cultural interaction and change – a multi-isotopic approach to the Neolithization in coastal areas. World Archaeology. 45(3):430–446.

Howcroft, R., Eriksson, G. & Lidén, K. 2014 Infant feeding practices at the Pitted Ware Culture site of Ajvide, Gotland. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. 34:42-53.

Ahlgren, H., Norén, K., Angerbjörn, A. & Lidén, K. 2016. Multiple prehistoric introductions of the mountain hare (Lepus timidus) on a remote island, as revealed by ancient DNA. Journal of Biogeography 43:9 pp. 1786-1796.

Eriksson, G., Frei, K., Howcroft, R., Gummesson, S., Molin, F., Lidén, K., Frei, R., & Hallgren, F. 2018 Diet and mobility among Mesolithic hunter-gatherers in Motala (Sweden) – the isotope perspective. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, Vol. 17, p.904-918.

Fjellström, M., Ahlgren, H., Holmlund, P., Schytt Holmlund, E., Lidén, K. 2019. Nya 14C-dateringar av glaciärfynd vid Ålmallojekna i Jokkmokks kommun, Lappland. Fornvännen 19(4):253-257.

Blankholm, H-P., Lidén, K., Kovačević, N., Angerbjörn, K. Dangerous food. Climate change induced elevated heavy metal levels in Younger Stone Age seafood in northern Norway, 2020 Quaternary International, ISSN 1040-6182,

Books by K. Liden

Environmental humanities: a rethinking of landscape archaeology?

Interdisciplinary academic research related to different perspectives of landscapes

Edited by S.J. Kluiving, K. Liden, C. Fredengren | 2021

There has been an increasing archaeological interest in human-animal-nature relations, where archaeology has shifted from a focus on deciphering meaning, or understanding symbols and the social construction of the landscape to an acknowledgement of how…

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