Dr. A. Lamesa

Anais Lamesa studied Art history and Archaeology at Panthéon-Sorbonne University and Paris-Sorbonne University. She was also a teaching fellow at Paris-Nanterre University, then a high school teacher. Subsequently, as a PI, she managed the Troglopie project (Troglodytisme en Ethiopie), funded by DIM-matériaux anciens et patrimoniaux/ Île-de-France fellowship at the CNRS, involving four research institutions (three French ones and an Ethiopian one) and a commercial company. In 2022, she obtained the French diploma of Senior GIS technician. The same year, she was appointed as the director of the archaeology department at the French Institute for Anatolian Studies in Istanbul, where she is responsible for the establishment of archaeological research programmes and their dissemination in Turkey.

She is currently focusing on the region of Cappadocia and working on the sacred landscape of the region, the techniques used in its rock-cut monuments and the social aspects relying on the crafting of rock-cutting action.

Key publications:
  • Lamesa, A., Hailay Atsbha and Saint-Bézar, B. (2022). Églises rupestres du Tǝgray oriental et central. Résultats de prospections et hypothèses techniques et socio-économiques. Annales d’Éthiopie XXXV, pp.245-296.
  • Bessac, J.-Cl., Lamesa, A. and Sciuto, Cl. (2021). The Archaeology of Quarries and Rock-cut Sites. In: Cl. Sciuto, A. Lamesa, K. Whitaker and A. Yamaç eds. Carved in Stone. The Archaeology of rock-cut sites and stones quarries, Oxford: BAR Publishing, pp.1-7.
  • Lamesa, A. and Traina, G. (2020). L’Anatolie : de l’époque archaïque à Byzance. Besançon: ISTA.
  • Lamesa, A. (2020). Methods for Rock-hewn Worksite Analysis: Case Study of Göreme’s n°4b (Cappadocia) “Thwarted” Worksite”. Anatolia Antiqua 28, pp.23-45. https://doi.org/10.4000/anatoliaantiqua.1308
  • Lamesa, A. and Erdoğan, N. (2020). La nécropole rupestre de Dara (Turquie). De nouvelles perspectives de recherche. In: D. Moreau, C.S. Snively, A. Guiglia, I. Baldini, L. Milanović, I. Popović, N. Beaudry and O. Heinrich-Tamáska eds. Archaeology of a World of Changes. Late Roman and Early Byzantine Architecture, Sculpture and Landscapes. In Memoriam Claudiae Barsanti. Oxford: BAR publishing, pp.105-116.
  • Lamesa, A. (2015). La chapelle des Donateurs à Soğanlı, nouvelle fondation de la famille des Sképidès. Anatolia Antiqua, 23, pp.179-198. https://doi.org/10.4000/anatoliaantiqua.354

Books by A. Lamesa

From Quarries to Rock-cut Sites

Echoes of Stone Crafting

Edited by A. Lamesa, K. Whitaker, G. Gattiglia, C. Sciuto & M.E. Porqueddu | 2023

The archaeological study of quarries focuses mainly on the reconstruction of the extraction process, while rock-hewn spaces have often been approached from the point of view of architectural styles or art-history. Nevertheless, a holistic structural…

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