Dr. N.J.C. Kouwenberg

N. J. C. (Bert) Kouwenberg held a research post at the University of Leiden until his retirement in 2004 and has worked on Akkadian language and Comparative Semitics. His main publications are Gemination in the Akkadian Verb (1997), The Akkadian Verb and its Semitic Background (2010) and A Grammar of Old Assyrian (2017).

Books by N.J.C. Kouwenberg

Law and Trade in Ancient Mesopotamia and Anatolia

Selected Papers by K.R. Veenhof

Edited by N.J.C. Kouwenberg | 2020

This book contains a selection of nineteen articles published by K.R. Veenhof, focusing on his main field of study: law and trade in the Old Babylonian and Old Assyrian society of the early second millennium…

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