Dr. Vasiliki G. Koutrafouri

Vasiliki G. Koutrafouri has worked as an archaeology lecturer for the Centre for Open Learning at the University of Edinburgh; at South Cheshire College; and the Open University of Cyprus; and a as a project director for the CBRL funded project “Water Management in Prehistory: Research and Heritage Strategies”. Her doctoral research at the University of Edinburgh focused on theoretically defining ‘ritual practices’ for prehistoric archaeology and identifying them for the Cypriot Early Prehistory. She also loves excavating and has extensive experience at many important sites in Cyprus, Syria, Turkey, Greece and Scotland.

Books by Vasiliki G. Koutrafouri

Ritual Failure

Archaeological Perspectives

Edited by Vasiliki G. Koutrafouri & Jeff Sanders | 2013

‘Ritual Failure’ is a new concept in archaeology adopted from the discipline of anthropology. Resilient religious systems disappearing, strict believers and faithful practitioners not performing their rites, entire societies changing their customs: how does a…

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