Dr. Laura Kooistra

Laura Immy Kooistra is senior researcher archaeobotany and one of the founders of BIAX Consult, Biological Archaeology & Environmental Reconstruction. She studied biology at the Leiden University where she was educated in palaeoetnobotany and palynology. In 1996 she obtained her PhD with the thesis Borderland Farming. Possibilities and limitations of farming in the Roman Period and Early Middle Ages between Rhine and Meuse. Besides business as usual she is interested in subjects concerning the history and development of the environment, and the use of it by hunter-gatherers and farmers from prehistoric times till the early middle ages in the Netherlands. Another main issue is the provenance of food for the Roman army in the Rhine delta.

Key publications
Dinter, M. van, L.I. Kooistra, M.K. Dütting, P. van Rijn & C. Cavallo 2014: Could the local population of the Lower Rhine delta supply the Roman army? Part 2: Modelling the carrying capacity of the delta using archaeological, palaeo-ecological and geomorphological data, JALC 5-1, 5-50.

Groot, M., S. Heeren, L.I. Kooistra & W.K. Vos 2009: Surplus production for the market? The agrarian economy in the non-villa landscapes of Germania Inferior, Journal of Roman Archaeology 22, 231-252.

Groot, M., & L.I. Kooistra 2009: Land use and the agrarian economy in the Roman Dutch River Area, Internet Archaeology 27.

Kooistra, L.I., & W.A.M. Hessing 1989: A Tropical Surprise in a Dutch Early Medieval Well. In: U. Körber-Grohne & H. Küster (Eds.). Archäobotanik. Symposium der Universität Hohenheim (Stuttgart) vom 11.-16. Juli 1988 (Dissertationes Botanicae 133), Stuttgart, 167-174.

Kooistra, L.I., 1996: Borderland farming. Possibilities and limitations of farming in the Roman Period and the Early Middle Ages between the Rhine and Meuse, Assen.

Kooistra M.J., L.I. Kooistra, P. van Rijn & U. Sass-Klaassen 2006: Woodlands of the past. The excavation of wetland woods at Zwolle-Stadshagen (the Netherlands): Reconstruction of the wetland wood in its environmental context, Netherlands Journal of Geosciences – Geologie en Mijnbouw 85-1, 37-60.

Kooistra, L.I., 2009: The Provenance of Cereals for the Roman Army in the Rhine Delta. Based on Archaeobotanical Evidence, Beihefte der Bonner Jahrbücher 58,1, 219-237.

Kooistra, L.I., M. van Dinter, M.K. Dütting, P. van Rijn & C. Cavallo 2013: Could the local population of the Lower Rhine delta supply the Roman army? Part 1: The archaeological and historical framework, JALC 4-2, 5-23.

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Books by Laura Kooistra

Resurfacing the submerged past

Prehistoric archaeology and landscapes of the Flevoland Polders, the Netherlands

Edited by Hans Peeters, Laura Kooistra, Daan Raemaekers, Bjørn Smit & Karen Waugh † | 2021

The Netherlands are internationally renowned for the archaeology of its wetland environments. The reclamation of the Flevoland Polders in the early half of the 20th century not only exposed hundreds of shipwrecks, but also remnants…

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