Wouter J.W. Kock MA

Wouter Kock holds a BA (Utrecht University) in history and a research MA (cum laude) in Religious Studies (Utrecht University & Bergen University). During his studies, he has developed an interest in the ways people engage with, think about, and experience the past. He wrote his MA thesis about the heritagization of Catholic monasteries for which he received several awards.

Since 2022, he works as a PhD researcher at Radboud University, at the faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. There, he conducts historical and ethnographic research on the simultaneous heritagization and re-religionization of Catholic monasteries, with support of the NWO programme PhDs in the Humanities.

Books by Wouter J.W. Kock

Loss in Translation

The Heritagization of Catholic Monasteries

Wouter J.W. Kock | 2023

Religious heritage has long been within the scope of academia, but very little research has been conducted on the heritagization of Catholic monasteries. This is remarkable considering the longstanding historical presence and social impact of…

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