Prof. Dr. Sławomir Kadrow

Sławomir Kadrow’s main research interests lie in prehistoric Central Europe. Currently he leads the project Great culture transformation in microregional perspective. Trends of changes inside Danubian farmers in SE Poland. Previously he worked at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków and at present at the Rzeszów University. He was a Fellow of the Humboldt Foundation at Berlin University (FU), afterwards at Bamberg University and in 2017 Mercator Fellow of the CRC 1266 ‘Scales of Transformation’ at Kiel University.

Key publications
Kadrow, S., Rauba-Bukowska, A. 2017. The Technology of Neolithic Pottery North and South of the Western Carpathians. In T. Pereira, X. Terradas and N. Bicho (eds.), The Exploitation of Raw Materials in Prehistory: Sourcing, Processing and Distribution. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 414-431.

Kadrow, S., Czekaj-Zastawny, A., Rauba-Bukowska, A. 2017. Ceramic raw material acquisition and transfer of technological ideas among the Early Neolithic communities in the environs of the Western Carpathians. In L. Burnez-Lanotte (ed.), Matières à Penser: Raw materials acquisition and processing in Early Neolithic pottery productions. Proceedings of the Workshop of Namur (Belgium) 29 and 30 May 2015. Séances de la Société préhistorique française 11. Paris: Société préhistorique française, 81-91.

Kadrow, S. 2017. The Danubian world and the dawn of the metal ages. In P. Urbańczyk (ed.), The Past Societies. Polish Lands from the First Evidence of Human Presence to the Early Middle Ages 2 (5500 – 2000 BC). Warszawa: IAE PAN, 63-106.

Kadrow, S. 2015. The idea of the Eneolithic. In K. Kristiansen, L. Smejda, J. Turek (eds.), Paradigm found: Archaeological Theory, Present, Past and Future. Essays in Honour of Evžen Neustupny. Oxford: Oxbow Books, 248-262.

Books by Sławomir Kadrow


The Social Dimension of Technology and Transformation

Edited by Sławomir Kadrow & Johannes Müller | 2019

The problem of the social dimension of technology and transformation seen in the perspective of the habitus has been repeatedly undertaken in various works. However, the complexity of these phenomena causes subsequent attempts to be…

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