Dr. Moiken Hinrichs

Moiken Hinrichs studied Pre- and Protohistory at Kiel University. During that time, she worked as a student and a research assistant in different projects of the CRC ‘1266 – Scales of Transformation’ and for the Centre for Baltic and Scandinavian Archaeology, Schleswig. She prepared her PhD in the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS, finishing the project with the thesis Craftful Minds – Tracing Technical Individuality in Production Processes. Her main research interests are flint technology and knowledge transmission, especially in Late Palaeolithic Northern Europe.

Books by Moiken Hinrichs

Craftful Minds

Tracing Technical Individuality in Production Processes

Moiken Hinrichs | Forthcoming

The aim of the thesis was to provide a framework for the identification and analysis of individual craftspeople in bifacial flint production. Flint production flakes from replications of South Scandinavian Late Neolithic daggers and Early…

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