Dr. Christos Giamakis

Christos Giamakis holds a PhD (2022) in Archaeology from the Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield. His studies in Sheffield were supported through a White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities AHRC competition studentship and a Doctoral Academy maintenance award, University of Sheffield.

Before coming to Sheffield, he studied History and Archaeology (BA 2015), specialising in Ancient History (MA 2018) at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After receiving his PhD, he was a WRoCAH Postdoctoral Engagement Fellow at the University of York/Yorkshire Museum while he is now working for York Museums Trust. He is particularly interested in identity formation, social inequalities and power dynamics in the ancient Greek world.

His key publications include On Class and Elitism in Archaeology (with Artur Ribeiro) and Not another paper on Lefkandi and Eretria! A communo-centric approach to the creation of collective identities in Lefkandi and Eretria.

Books by Christos Giamakis

Identity, Power and Group Formation in Archaic Macedonia (600-400 BC)

Christos Giamakis | Forthcoming

The first ever large-scale synthesis on identity and social dynamics across archaic Macedonia (600-400 BC), Christos Giamakis’s book provides a detailed narrative exploring the role of power as displayed through material culture in the formation…

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